The Westbrook Trust



The Westbrook Trust is made up of a community of schools that aim to ‘achieve together’ the best possible outcomes for all to improve their futures.


We embrace the chance to collaborate with like-minded schools and academies because we all benefit and learn from the  opportunities this brings.


 By 'achieving together' our aim is that:


Our children:

  • are all extremely well prepared for the next stage of their education.
  • are healthy, resilient, confident and independent. They are global citizens.

Our communities:

  • are actively engaged in pupils’ learning.
  • have high aspirations for our pupils, our schools and themselves.

Our staff and governors:

  • are effectively supported and developed to ensure that all pupils benefit from a great education.
  • are consulted, considered, and valued to achieve their career aspirations.


The key behaviours and values we strive to demonstrate to meet our aims are to be: Clear, Humble, Effective, Enabling and Responsive.


We are very proud of all of our schools and how they demonstrate our shared values in their own unique ways.



Latest News

  • Many congratulations to Brompton-Westbrook Primary School who achieved the Gold Award Accreditation in July. The assessors' feedback noted that it was evident that children’s rights are embedded across the school and underpin every facet of school life.
  • Congratulations to all of our schools who were all externally moderated in 2019. The feedback was very positive, highlighting the good practice that exists. Byron were moderated in EYFS and KS2 and Brompton-Westbrook and St. Margaret's Infant's in KS1.
  • Many congratulations to Mrs Miles (Pastoral Teaching Assistant at Brompton-Westbrook) and Mrs Holley (Teaching Assistant at St. Margaret's Infants) who both recently successfully completed ELSA training provided by Medway’s Educational Psychology Service.
  • Congratulations to Byron Primary School for their recent performances at the Mini Youth Games. They won the table tennis competition and achieved the Fair Play award in the netball competition.
  • The Trust is delighted to announce we have secured a significant amount of funding for three separate capital projects across our schools.
  • Brompton-Westbrook received a short inspection in January. The letter highlights the notable successes of the school, including strong links with parents, effective teaching and strong pupil progress. Congratulations to children, staff and governors.
  • A news article celebrated the pupil outcomes at Key Stage 2 at Byron Primary. The school was ranked 9th out of all schools in Medway for combined progress in reading, writing and maths.
  • Trust schools and our partners embarked on our second year of cross-school Action Research. The outcomes were shared by staff and celebrated in July 2019. The evening was a great example of staff and schools 'achieving together'.
  • Congratulations again to St. Margaret's Infant School for their excellent Phonics results. Over the last four years the average of Year 1 children that have passed the Phonics Screening is 92%. Congratulations to all involved.
  • Byron became a sponsored academy in January 2016 as part of the Westbrook Trust. Prior to conversion the school was placed into Special Measures. It received its first inspection as an academy in September 2018.
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The Westbrook Trust is a successful Trust and proud of its reputation for working with and supporting other schools in order to improve pupil outcomes. Our success is due to our strong moral purpose and passion for 'achievement for all pupils'. We believe in building effective partnerships with a range of stakeholders to achieve this. Sharing and collaborating is an essential part of this Trust’s ethos. The Westbrook Trust has close links with The Medway Teaching Schools Alliance and staff play a key role in developing school-to-school support and training programmes with the Teaching School.

Thank you for taking the time to read the information on the website. Please follow the links to the individual academies and other information about The Westbrook Trust.